Artful Ideas, Methods, and Recipes for

Dyeing Wool and Hooking Rugs

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In A NOTEBOOK FOR PRIMITIVE RUG HOOKERS Ramona engages readers in casual conversations on
various subjects for beginning and experienced dyers, and interspersed with the dyeing information
are hooking ideas unique to wide-strip hooking.


(Cushing® Perfection Acid Dyes are used throughout.)

  • Easel-style book for easy use in the dye kitchen.

  • Recipes which include wool and dye amounts for test samples (to see if you like the color), followed by measures for larger amounts of wool.

  • More than 200 recipes to create special effects, described through 21 categories, from Baskets to Buildings, Flesh to Foliage, and Water to Weathervanes, plus 24 background recipes from light to dark.

  • Easy-to-follow directions and diagrams for the technicalities of dyeing methods, cutting wool, and increasing and reducing dye and wool amounts.  Useful charts to simplify the “figuring.”

  • Digital images of recipe swatches on DVD.

  • A handy pocket color wheel.

  • Encouragement to move beyond the technicalities and rules to “messing around” with methods and dyes.

  • Five pages of pictures of rugs, in color, illustrating recipe results.







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