• Pick motifs from the pattern book.

  • Enlarge or reduce them to the desired size at the copy store.

  • Cut around each piece.

  • Arrange these elements on rug backing With the motifs
    pinned in place.

  • trace around each one with a permanent marker.

  • Admire your personal ready-to-hook design.

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          Ramona Cann, traditional rug hooking artist, shares some resources from her 32 years' experience in hooking and designing rugs. With her daughter and granddaughter she assembled over 500 traditional folk images in a first edition of Rug Hooking Motifs For The "But I Just Can't Draw" Crowd

          Now, in a second edition, she presents hundreds of additional motifs and over 80 vignettes and complete patterns ready to be copied (as well as two pages of colored photos of finished rugs).  From angels to flowers, animals to ships, her sketches are for those rug hookers who lack drawing skills but who want to design their own rugs.

Author: Ramona Cann

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 *** OUT OF STOCK ***

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